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Jean Paul Sartre (1905 - 1980)
Chaque homme doit inventer son chemin.

Nous sommes un condamné à mort qui se prépare bravement au dernier supplice, qui met tous ses soins à faire belle figure sur l'échafaud et qui, entre temps, est enlevé par une grippe espagnole.

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French thinker born in 1905, engagement philosopher, existentialist, writer and dramaturge, author of "Being and Nothingness", "Huis Clos", "Les Mouches", "Les Mains Sales","La Nausee" "Critique of Dialectic Reason","Les Mots" for which he received , in 1960 the nobel prize that he declined,director of the forbidden "Cause du peuple" and "Liberation" until 1974.

He took part in the French Resistance and was taken prisoner in second world war. He joined the Communist Party (PC) because of the need to take active part in the fight for the proletarian.

With Simone de beauvoir, he traveled to Cuba, China, Russia, Africa, to promote the revolutions. He then opposed, in his Czechoslovakia, the confrontation man-system that resulted from an artificial creation of the "communist situation". His existentialist philosophy, proposes no god,no ethic,no moral,and was meant to be a cleaning of the old secular values, where god is replaced by some ethical statements;and completely denied the existence of some kind of rules or clues to behave. The solution,was the subject being conscious of his position towards the world, and the good faith, whose former question was "what would happen if all acted this way"
The decision of the subject in good faith, and freedom, was the real act of man.

His literature,not meant to be a completion of his philosophical work,but a parallel creation,nevertheless contained a lot of his philosophical symbols and the characters were situated inside the existential anguish that Sartre described as the consequence of freedom.

Il n'y a pour une conscience qu'une façon d'exister, c'est d'avoir conscience qu'elle existe. (L'imagination)

Ce qu'on fait n'est jamais compris mais seulement loué ou blâmé. Nietzsche, Gay Science

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